Friday, February 3, 2012


12x24 oil on canvas, sold

Aneta is the companion commission for Mambo's painting, posted right below. Aneta (pronounced On-Cha) has a very interesting story. If you recall Mambo wandered up one day and adopted this young family, but Aneta was researched extensively and found to be the perfect dog...perfect Service Dog for this young family!

Aneta was born, raised, and trained for two years in the Czech Republic, then had an additional 6 months of training in Kansas. Because Aneta was trained in the Czech Republic, she responds to Czech only, which means her parents had to learn Czech commands, as well. Aneta is with her owner everyday and has a most important job of alerting him if his blood sugar becomes dangerously low. In addition to her important job, she's also Mambo's best friend. And because of Aneta, Mambo is able to respond to Aneta's Czech commands, but knows the commands are only for him, if his name is spoken before the command is given and likewise for Aneta. I guess that makes both dogs bilingual!