Saturday, January 22, 2011

LONGHORN RANCHER by Angela Elledge

8x8 oil on canvas panel
I met Kermit several years ago while visiting home one summer. My brother had kept a newspaper article for me about a man who had left his successful career to return home to SW Louisiana and begin a career as a longhorn cattleman. I boldly called him and explained that I was interested in photographing his longhorn cattle for future paintings. We had 3 cameras working and took well over 800 and shoot, edit later...what did we do before digital photography? Not only did I leave Kermit's ranch with an abundance of material for paintings, but he would not let us leave without a huge bag filled with an assortment of longhorn steaks! If you've never been to Louisiana, you're missing out on meeting some of the kindest people around.

And speaking of kind people, that just happens to be all of you, too. Thank you so much for your comments and e-mails! This was specifically painted for this month's challenge, Cowboy Up, at Some Texas Artists Like to Paint, another group of really kind folks.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


This is my contribution to The Flying Moleskins and Adebanji Alade's moleskine. The Flying Moleskins has been an exciting journey and of all the books, Adebanji's theme of homelessness scared me the most. I knew I wanted to paint someone with a pet (what else could I possibly paint).

I, like some of my fellow F.M. artists previously explained, had to get out of my comfort zone and look at our homeless population with different eyes. It was not until 3 days after Christmas, driving back home, did I find what I wanted for my contribution to Adebanji's book. In Longview, TX, we discovered this young couple on the side of a gas station on a horribly wet, cold, gray day. She had beautiful bright pink hair and the most wonderful patchwork long skirt. He stayed busy lettering his sign and for awhile their dog stood stoic and tall, a watchdog on duty. On cue, he jumped in her lap and demanded kisses, which of course she supplied over and over. After awhile they took off on foot, walking North, not East, by this time they had put a large oversized coat on the dog so that he would stay somewhat dry and warm. Despite their circumstances, it was obvious they love their dog!