Sunday, February 8, 2009


My students in classes 5-8 are recreating Starry Night on 64 canvases. We are using the new Golden Open Acrylics, which I highly recommend if you are looking for a slow-drying acrylic. As we work on the painting, I will continue to post in-progress photos; we hope to be completed with all painting within a month. When completed the painting will be approximately 6' x 8'. Pictured here are Chantel, Sydney and Victoria working on their individual sections. 


Edward Burton said...

Hi Angela, I'm sorry to hear that you've been under the weather - hope you feel better soon. Wow, what a WONDERFUL project you've got going there! I can't wait to the finished project, but in the meantime I will enjoy seeing it develop.

Dean H. said...

Hi Angela! Thanks for commenting on my blog.
Wow...there's a lot to love on your blog. This collective painting will be impressive at 6'x8'.
Love your dog portraits!

Helen Parkhill said...

What a wonderful simultaneous immersion into painting and art history! I can't wait to see the finished work!

Sheila said...

What a wonderful project! I can see how intently the students are working on this. What a brilliant idea to have small successes right away and to have them work together on accomplishing a large work of art. You're my hero!

Oh, and thanks for the info on the Golden acrylic paint. I'm going to have to try some!

Angela Elledge said...

Edward - 7th & 8th grade have figured out that it's Starry Night, but happily, 5th & 6th are clueless, so it will be a huge surprise when it's revealed.

Dean - Thanks for the encouragement; it means a lot to me. Please check back for updates, we've had great fun working on this. 19 of the 64 canvasses are painted by faculty and administration; it's been a blast teaching "non-painters". They begin their painting overwhelmed and then a couple of hours later, they have become artists and are excited about their progress.

Helen - Our school is a private classical curriculum located in inner city West Dallas. We are completely funded through private donations. Beginning in 4th grade, I introduce artists related to the history & literature they are studying in their classrooms. Because we study the classics, art plays a huge importance to the curriculum, so my students come to art 2x a week; it's the best!

Sheila - :) Actually, my students are my heroes! The Golden Open acrylics do not paint like oils and they are unlike acrylics in that the drying time is definitely extended. If you try them, make sure you buy Golden OPEN, not just the regular Golden acrylics. You might check with your local art store (mine is Asel Art) they gave me a little sample package from Golden to experiment first.

Thank you all for commenting - it is most appreciated and it really pushes me to paint more and work harder!