Saturday, August 6, 2011

FRANKIE #14/50

8x8 oil on canvas nfs
At four months of age, she found herself abandoned at a dry cleaners. A young man went to the dry cleaners, saw her, went home...and as we all know, could not get her out of his mind or perhaps his heart. The Veterinarian explained her age, her mixed breed status...Australian Shepherd plus Something Else...there were no explanations for her missing tail, her eyes were crystal blue, her heart was strong, but the young man already knew that because already their hearts were one, and one more thing...she was deaf. More than likely, she had been thrown away because of her deafness, but the young man did not care, he brought her HOME and loved her. Frankie was brought home to live with Lucy, you can see Lucy here. Frankie and the young man had to learn how to communicate, and Lucy had to learn how to accept Frankie's natural instinct to herd. All was learned and they lived happily ever after until a few weeks ago...for some reason, Frankie only lived to be four years old. She is buried amongst her favorite day lilies... the same day lilies she like to trample to make a soft bed. Rest in peace, Frankie, you were the best dog ever.


carol morgan carmichael said...

So great Angela. Your stories are so heart warming and your paintings beautiful!

Ann Rogers said...

Your story is as beautiful as the painting, so glad Frankie had a happy home in his final days.

AutumnLeaves said...

These stories truly break my heart, Angela. I know the pain that comes with losing a best friend and still cry for my own loss of Gio. These paintings also make me cry for their owners and I so hope and pray that all these fur babies are watching over us and waiting for us to rejoin them one day. Frankie is a beautiful boy and I know his owner will be over the moon with joy to have this piece.

Dean H. said...

A very moving painting as well as a moving story also. This is a great series.

I have my moleskin with me now, Angela. Your painting of Dolly is even more heartwarming in person.
Thank you so much!

You asked for a clearer reference photo...but the one you worked from is the best of the available lot.
My other photos of her were lost in a hard drive burn out.