Monday, March 26, 2012


5x7 oil on canvas panel

Week before last was Spring Break, it was a most enjoyable week of painting. The folks over at Some Texas Artists Like to Paint chose "paint with your other hand" for this month's challenge. I'm right handed so I painted this little portrait study of my parent's dog, Belle with my left hand. Because it was such a difficult exercise, I had to sit on my right hand the entire time I painted. So much fun, I would encourage all of you to try it. I began with a blank canvas, quickly estimated a few reference points with my left hand, then just went for it. Mom, I promise, one of these days you will get a real portrait of Belle.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

What a challenge- and this is a beautiful portrait! And yes with your left hand!

martinealison said...

Un merveilleux travail... Finalement c'est votre ressenti tout entier qui a mené la danse... à droite ou à gauche... c'est magnifique.
Gros bisous

CrimsonLeaves said...

That is a GORGEOUS portrait of Belle! I cannot believe you did that with your left hand. Great work, Angela!!

Ann Rogers said...

I'm impressed! Such a great doggie portrait. Looks like this might be the answer for all of us who are too tight and detailed in our technique. Very impressionistic!

Sarah Elisa said...

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