Sunday, May 1, 2011


8x10 oil on canvas panel

April's challenge for Some Texas Artists Like to Paint was tools. Our students in the second grade experience Pioneer Day each Spring. The children dress in costume and experience a wide variety of activities, such as washing clothes with a washboard or a very useful tool prior to the invention of the automatic washing machine.

And speaking of school, I'm thrilled to say we have only 20 days left. These last 2 months are the hardest and most definitely the longest. Once again I'm looking forward to summer vacation and some serious daily painting.


AutumnLeaves said...

Absolutely lovely composition and so well done, Angela. I remember going on a field trip with my oldest daughter's class when she was in kindergarten. We went to Pioneer Farm in Washington and the experience sounds very similar. Yay for summer vacations too!

MichelleZ said...

This is a nice picture. I want to do a pioneer week with our kids in a couple of years when they are all old enough to remember. I wonder if someone would loan me a cow for a few days. :)